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Vendor Policies

Acceptance of these policies is a requirement when submitting an application to be a vendor at Market for the Strange events. They are preserved here for easy reference.

• Please be respectful and follow the rules, failure to do so may result in you being banned from vending with us again.

• Please don't leave your booth unattended for an extended amount of time unless someone agrees to watch it for you.

• You understand that space fees, once paid, are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means we do not offer refunds, and we do not offer to transfer fees paid to another market including if you cannot make it for any reason or you break our rules and are terminated as a seller.

• Vendors are expected to provide their own chairs and tables, if you need either of these things, please let us know and we may be able to help.

• All product storage or transportation must be stored under your table(s) out of sight from customers or in your vehicle. Preferably covered by your tablecloth or out of view.

• You understand that your space must be set up and ready for customers 15 min before start time and you must remain open until 1 minute after close time. You may not tear down or consolidate merchandise prior to 1 minute after the posted end time. This includes no breaking down of displays or bringing in wagons, totes, dollies, etc. If it looks like you are packing or getting ready to leave, don’t do it.

• Please arrive accordingly. You are responsible for your time management and setting up your booth in time for the event. Anyone who arrives later than 30 minutes before the event starts will be asked to go home.

• Leave your space as clean as you found it on check-in, and pick up all garbage, zip ties, etc. Excess garbage left behind in your space will be grounds for the prevention of any future market participation.

• Your products must stay within the confines of the space you paid for without consent from an MFTS staff member.

• All signage must be clear and legible.

• Types of items that cannot be sold at these events: ABSOLUTELY No drugs, any animal bone/art must be ethically sourced (No BATS. Oregon fish and wildlife have been coming into oddity shows and confiscating bats and fining the market, so for your protection and ours, please do not bring them.)

• MFTS vendors must sell odd, unique, and unusual items or cosplay, pop culture, horror, renaissance, pagan, witchcraft, tarot, readers, and healers. MFTS Staff reserves all rights to deny vendors based on these requirements.

• Payment and signed application will secure your space. If you do not pay for your space we will not hold it. Waiting until after the payment due date to pay or inform us you won't be attending will result in you not being allowed back, or at the very least placed at the bottom of our lists.

• We are all business professionals. We expect you to conduct yourself as such. Bad attitudes and rudeness to other vendors and the MFTS staff will not be tolerated.

• Please do not bring any product type or service that you did not indicate on your application. For instance, if you sell crystals, do not also offer tarot readings without consent from the MFTS staff before the event.

• Any questions about these rules can be directed to our email, the MFTS Facebook, or Instagram page.